Jordan Duvall

I can’t afford it.

These 4 little words used to rule my life, in fact they were my mantra.

When I was at a restaurant, I used pick a dish that was $12 vs $14 just so I could save a couple dollars.... even though I really wanted the $14 dish.  Lame.

I let this limiting belief hold me back from doing all kinds of things in my life.

And the scary thing was that I had no idea that it was a choice.  It was just a story I keep telling myself. And it was a LIE.  Everything was about lack and scarcity.  My intentions were coming from a place of “not enough” so I was tainting the energy in my life. And manifesting more of the same.

Then my life blew up.  Like literally.

In 2013, I got pregnant and then...

I lost my job.
I lost my house.
I lost my family’s support because I wanted a drug free home birth.
I lost my grandma to a stroke.
I got Gestational Diabetes. (pricking my fingered 4x day sucked).
I had to move at 8 months pregnant… in August…. in LA… to the deep valley...  It was 106 degrees.
My water broke at 33 weeks and I was in the hospital on bed rest for 2 weeks.

And that was just over a 6 month period.



I believe we create our own reality.


Sitting in the hospital bed, crying, I had to take a serious look at myself and my life. I knew had created this mess.  But how?

After having my daughter I set out to change.  I didn’t know THE HOW but I knew that I couldn’t live like this anymore... and now I had little eyes watching me.

I started getting healthy physically.

I became obsessed with personal growth.


Then I started getting ALIGNED emotionally.

Last year at Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within I uncovered the three limiting beliefs that had been ruling my life:

“I can’t afford it”
“I don’t have time”
“No matter how hard I dream it won’t happen anyway.”


It was then that a burning desire to tap into my gifts and serve others was born.


It started as just a whisper. But it got louder. AND LOUDER.

Not paying attention to it was giving me anxiety but I didn’t know how to translate this feeling and manifest it into reality.  

And I was scared.

So I hired a business coach and together she helped me tap into what I LOVE and my innate gifts. And we dialed in my dream client and how I can truly serve her.

Once I had clarity on my dream client, I was able to see how my skills and experience as an award-winning Art Director + Photographer could help other women elevate their business + brand so they're taken seriously and can create the impact (and freedom) they so deeply desire. (click to check out my portfolio)

As a Brand StrategY COACH I help you intuit your vision and manifest it to form.

My meticulous organization has birthed simple systems to get shit done in less time.

The hours upon hours of devouring personal growth books, audios, youtube videos, courses and going to conferences changed my belief system.


Show up confidently
Go from struggling to soaring
Get your message out there
Be visible
Manifest incredible opportunities
Get aligned and fall in love with your work
Own your time
Be abundant AF

I believe that building your BIZ + brand should be filled with joy and ease.  

Your business + Brand is extension of you and should be aligned with your soul mission.

If you’re ready to step into your bold vision then my private 90- day IGNITE YOUR SOUL BRAND program is made for you.